YP User Sitemap


Agriculture, Fishing And Forestry
     Farms and farming
          crops, vegetables and fruit
          organic and ecological
          sugar estates
     Farming equipment and services
          agricultural equipment
          barn equipment
          beekeeping supplies
          dairy equipment and supplies
          farm equipment
          farm management services
          farm supplies
          farming services
          flour mill equipment
          hydroponic systems and equipment
          livestock breeders
          maple syrup equipment and accessories
          meat packers equipment and supplies
          nursery equipment and supplies
          orchard equipment and supplies
          poultry equipment and supplies
          poultry hatcheries
          tobacco growing equipment and supplies
     Feed, seed and grain
          anthurium grower and exporter
          grain brokers
          grain dealers
          grain elevator equipment
          grain elevators
          seed and bulb wholesalers
          seed cleaning
          livestock feed
          dead stock removal
          fish brokers
          fish hatcheries
          industrial fishing
     Fishing equipment and services
          boat equipment
          fishing nets
          fish packers
          fish hatcheries
          fish processing equipment
          fishing equipment-industrial
          fishing management service
          lobster packers
          lobster traps
          forest product consultants
          forestry consultants
          forestry engineers
          timber companies and contractors
          tree consultants
     Timber equipment and services
          timber equipment and supplies
     General agricultural supplies and services
          agricultural consultants
          agricultural services
          agro biotechnology
          agro industrial
          agro mechanical
          biology consultants
          commodity brokers
          fruit and vegetable brokers
          fruit and vegetable growers
          fruit paste manufacturers
          potato growers and shippers
          poultry processing
          rendering companies
          tobacco growers
          deer farming
          animal breeding-general
          bird breeding
          deer breeding
          equestrian services
          horse breeding
          horse dealers
          horse training
          horse transport
          saddles, harnesses and furnishing
          wildlife development
     Minerals and organic matter
          agricultural chemicals
          agro chemical
          hydrogeology consultants
          irrigation systems and equipment
          soil testing
          auto lamps
          automotive paint
          car accessories
          car alarm systems
          car audio
          car care products
          car racing and sport parts and accessories
          car radios and stereo systems
          car remote starters
          car seat covers, tops and upholstery
          speed reducers
          truck caps and accessories
     Detailing and aesthetics
          car customising and accessories
          car detailing
          car undercoating and rust proofing
          car upholstery cleaning
          car wash equipment and polishing supplies
          corrosion control
          rust proofing
          rust removers and preventives
          seat slip covers
          truck painting and lettering
          truck washing and cleaning
          truck washing equipment and supplies
          motorcycle and motor scooter renting and leasing
          motorcycle inspection stations
          motorcycle wreckers
          motorcycles and motor scooters
          motorcycles and motor scooters supplies and parts
     Motorised vehicles
          all terrain vehicles
          electric vehicles
          fork lift trucks
          fuel injection
          gasoline stations
          mobile home manufacturers and distributors
          mobile home transporters
          recreational vehicle dealers
          recreational vehicle rental and leasing
          recreational vehicle repair and maintenance
          recreational vehicle storage
          tractor dealers
          tractor equipment and parts
          tractor manufacturers and distributors
          tractor renting and leasing
          truck and van customising
          truck bodies
          truck manufacturers
          truck refrigeration equipment
     New and used vehicle dealers
          coach importer
          limousine dealers
          mobile homes dealers
          new car dealers
          truck dealers
          truck rental and leasing
          tyre manufacturers and distributors
          tyre retailers
          used car dealers
          used tyre dealers
          used tyre recycling
     Parts and supplies
          alternators and starters
          auto part manufacturers and wholesalers
          battery chargers-automotive
          battery services
          brake manufacturers and distributors
          brake parts and supplies
          car bumpers and grilles
          car spare parts
          car wheel supplier
          diesel fuel injection
          drive shafts
          engines and engine building equipment
          gas equipment and supplies
          gas equipment industrial
          gas, air, and oil filters
          new auto parts and supplies
          recreational vehicle parts and supplies
          shock absorbers
          truck accessories and parts
          tyre dealer equipment and supplies
          tyre repair equipment and supplies
          used auto parts and supplies
     Related services
          car engine tuning and conversion
          car fuel conversion
          car towing
          car tuning
          car wash
          car wrecking and recycling
          coding and marking-automotive
          diesel fuel
          driving instruction
          gas fitters
          gas processing equipment
          gasoline and oil bulk stations
          gasoline wholesalers
          parking area maintenance and marking
          parking lot and garage equipment and supplies
          parking lots and garages
          roadside assistance
          towing equipment
          vehicle towing
     Repairs body work
          auto body repair and painting shops
          auto body shop equipment and supplies
          auto glass and windshields
          car and coach body builder
          car body kit
          coach repairs
     Repairs mechanical
          auto diagnostic
          auto repair garages
          auto repair self service garages
          auto repair, service equipment and supplies
          automotive radiators
          automotive springs
          brakes and clutches specialist
          car air conditioning equipment
          car brakes service
          car electrical services
          car inspection
          car machine shop service
          car manufacturers
          car radiator manufacturers and wholesalers
          car radiators and gas tanks
          car repair and service
          diesel engines
          engine rebuilding and exchange
          gas and gasoline engines
          gas stations
          gas tanks
          mufflers and exhaust systems
          oil changes and lubrication service
          sail makers and sail repairs
          service station equipment
          tyre repair services
          tyre retreading services
          transmission repairs
          truck repair and service
          wheel alignment, frame and axle services
          livestock and horse trailers
          trailer hitches
          trailer manufacturers
          trailer parts and equipment
          trailer renting, leasing and sales
          trailer repair and service
          truck trailers
          utility trailers
Business And Professional Services
     Administrative and specialty services
          business services solutions provider
          camera surveillance services
          concierge services
          corporate secretariat
          global business services
          graphic designers
          leasing services
          license and registry services
          management companies
          patrol and security guard service
          public notaries
          co-working spaces
          secretarial services
          advertising agencies
          advertising and media research
          advertising consultant
          advertising equipment
          advertising items
          advertising media provider
          billboard advertising supplier
          digital signage
          guide and directory advertising
          magazine advertising
          magazine distributors
          newspaper advertising
          outdoor advertising
          signs boards
          television advertising
          print signage
     Associations and organisations
          business brokers
          business centres
          business parks
          commission agents
          employment training service
          fundraising organisations
     Communication and audio-visual
          audio visual services
          audio visual system
          business process outsourcing-BPO
          call centres
          communications services
          company secretary services
          conference interpreter
          business consultants
          business process management-BPM
          computer consultants
          customs house broker
          event planners
          industrial designers
          management consultants
          marketing consultants
          project management consultants
          public relations and communications
          safety training and consultants
     Document services
          cv writing services
          document shredding
          text writing service
          word processing
          editorial services
          translation services
          writing services
     Employment and career resources
          career counselling
          employment agencies
          human resources consultants
          management training and development
          public sector employment recruitment
          training centres
          unions and labour organisations
          private sector employment recruitment
          recruitment process outsourcing
          building and civil engineering
          chemical engineers
          civil and structural engineering
          civil contractors
          civil engineering contractor
          civil engineers
          consulting engineers
          electrical engineers
          mechanical engineers
          industrial engineers
     Furniture and office-industrial machines
          chair manufacturers and wholesalers
          commercial refrigeration sales and services
          filing cabinets, systems and supplies
          office furniture and equipment manufacturers and wholesalers
          safes and vaults
          stationery manufacturers and wholesalers
          water coolers
     Import and export services
          chamber of commerce
          clothing importers and wholesalers
          export packing service
          export support service
          importers and exporters
          trade commissions
          counsel at commerce and business law
          counsel at criminal law
     Marketing and sales
          brand-communication design
          branding services
          market surveys
          marketing consultants and services
          marketing research and analysis
          publicity agencies
          trademark search and development
     Office supplies-general
          adhesives and glues
          box manufacturer
          cartridge retailer
          cash registers
          coffee break services and supplies
          coffee supplier
          computer-point of sales software-POS
          computer-paper supplies
          continuous stationery
          diaries and planners
          directory and bulletin boards
          identification equipment and supplies
          office supplies
          paper boxes
          paper products
          pens and pencils
          point of sale systems and cash registers
          stationery stores
          trade and edition bookbinders
     Printing, publishing and copying
          bar code printer and consumables
          blueprinting and reprographic
          book publishers
          colour cards
          copying and duplicating service
          directory and guide publishers
          flags and banners
          industrial and commercial photographers
          journal and magazine publishers
          print brokers
          printing and stationery
          printing supplies
          professional and commercial photo finishing
     Shipping, packaging and postal services
          bar code tracking
          bar coding equipment and systems
          cargo services
          courier service
          delivery service
          drums and barrels
          labelling equipment
          mail box rental and mail service
          overseas and local shipping
          post offices
          postal box service
          removal and packers
     Trade shows, expositions and conventions
          conference and exhibition-facilities and services
          conference equipment and services
          conference organiser
          convention centres and facilities
          exhibition management and services
          exposition stand manufacturers and designers
          fairs, expositions and trade shows
          seminars and workshops
Clothing And Accessories
     Alterations and services
          atelier haute couture
          bridal make-up
          bridal shops
          bridal supplies manufacturers and wholesalers
          cleaning compounds
          clothing high fashion
          dry cleaners
          formal wear
          leather and suede cleaning
          leather good repair
          linen supply service
          sewing supplies
          stylists and fashion consultants
          uniform rental
          watch repair
          wedding gown preservation
          zipper repair
          adaptive clothing
          baby wear
          baby wear accessories
          bra and corset retailers
          cap manufacturers and wholesalers
          caps manufacturer
          casual wear
          children's wear
          choli specialist
          cloth cutting
          clothing manufacturers and wholesalers
          clothing ready-made
          designers clothes
          dress manufacturers and wholesalers
          faux leather
          hosiery manufacturers and wholesalers
          hosiery stores
          jeans manufacturers and wholesalers
          kilt makers
          knit goods and fabrics
          leather clothing
          leather good
          leather good manufacturers and wholesalers
          lingerie manufacturers and wholesalers
          mending and weaving
          men's clothing
          men's clothing manufacturers and wholesalers
          millinery manufacturers and wholesalers
          millinery shops
          t-shirt manufacturers and wholesalers
          underwear manufacturers and wholesalers
          valet parking service
          women's clothing manufacturers and wholesalers
          women's clothing stores
          women's suit and coat manufacturers and wholesalers
          wool stores
          yarn stores
     Clothes and fashion accessories
          bag manufacturers
          bags-importers and wholesalers
          beads and pearls
          clock and watch maker
          craft materials
          diamond cutting
          diamond setting
          fashion accessories
          gloves and mittens
          handbag manufacturers and wholesalers
          jewellers supplies
          jewellery buyers
          jewellery craftsmen
          jewellery engravers
          jewellery manufacturers
          jewellery polishing and plating
          jewellery repair
          jewellery wholesalers
          pin manufacturers and wholesalers
          precious and semi-precious stones
          ties and neckwear
          watch manufacturers and wholesalers
          boots manufacturers
          custom made shoes
          lace retailer
          shoe manufacturers and wholesalers
          shoe repair
          shoe stores
          shoe supplies and findings
          clothing and fur storage
          fur clothing and accessories
          fur manufacturers and wholesalers
          hat manufacturers and wholesalers
          hat stores
          industrial and work gloves
          military goods
     Uniforms and work clothing
          uniforms ready-made
          western clothing
          work clothing manufacturers and wholesalers
          work clothing stores
Computers, Communications And Electronics
     Communications services and equipment
          answering machines and equipment
          card systems
          computer network equipment
          computer networking
          computer networks
          consultants in telecommunications
          data communication systems, equipment and service
          fax machines
          fax services
          fibre optics
          global positioning systems-GPS
          intercom systems, equipment and services
          long distance phone service
          mobile network operators
          mobile phone repairer
          mobile phones
          pagers and calling equipment and service
          phone companies
          phone equipment, systems and service
          phone line installation and repair
          phone music and on hold messages
          prepaid phone cards
          telecommunications consultants
          telecommunications equipment and supplies
          telecommunications services
          wireless communications
          internet service providers
          ict management services
     Computer equipment
          computer accessories
          computer accessories supplies
          computer cabling
          computer consumables
          computer hardware
          computer manufacturers and wholesalers
          computer renting and leasing
          computer supply and services
          computer wholesaler
          used and refurbished computer parts
     Computer services
          cable manufacturer-computer
          cable supplier-computer
          computer services-others
          cd and dvd duplication
          cd-rom publishing
          compact disc manufacturer
          computer cabling, installation and service
          computer consumables remanufacturing
          computer data processing
          computer data recovery
          computer games
          computer graphics design and animation
          computer repair and cleaning
          computer room setup, protection, equipment and maintenance
          computer security
          computer software
          computer solution provider
          computer stores
          computer systems
          computerised plan modification
          data archiving
          data management
          digital photography, printing, and imaging
     Electronics-services and equipment
          access control
          clock card distributor
          clock card system
          computer games equipment
          electronic consultants
          electronic equipment and supply repair
          electronic instruments
          electronic part manufacturers and wholesalers
          electronic spare parts
          electronic test equipment
          electronics stores
          imaging scanning systems and service
          information and technology companies
          radar equipment and supplies
     Information systems
          data capture and processing
          data centre and cloud services
          data centre services
          information processing and retrieval systems
          information services
     Internet-communication and events
          internet broadcasting
          online games
          web conferencing
          internet services and online publishing
     Internet-development and services
          computer programming design services
          cyber cafe
          ecommerce solutions providers
          internet cafes
          internet product and service providers
          web design and development
          web development
          website design
Construction And Renovation
     Building materials and equipment
          aluminium fabricators
          aluminium products
          asphalt equipment and machinery
          automatic fire sprinkler systems
          bituminous products
          bituminous suppliers
          building and house movers
          building material manufacturers and wholesalers
          building materials
          building repair and restoration
          cast aluminium
          caulking materials and equipment
          concrete buildings
          construction and material handling
          construction materials and building supplies
          construction timber and log homes
          crane parts and rigging
          crane rental and service
          excavation equipment
          expansion joints
          fastening equipment
          fire and smoke damage restoration
          lifting and crane inspection
          lifting equipment rental
          masonry and bricklaying contractors
          masonry and bricklaying equipment and supplies
          metal buildings
          modular construction and housing
          plant hire
          plastic linings and membranes
          plywood and veneer manufacturers and wholesalers
          plywood and veneer retailers
          pre-cut and prefabricated buildings
          railing and handrails
          retaining walls
          roofing shingles
          siding materials
          stucco contractors
          stucco manufacturers and distributors
          used building materials
     Ceramics and tiles
          ceramic products
          ceramic tile dealers
          ceramic tile installers and contractors
          ceramic tile manufacturers and distributors
          ceramic tiles fixing
          grouting contractors
          grouting equipment and supplies
          tile contractors and dealers
          tile manufacturers and distributors
          chimney accessories and materials
          chimney builders and repairers
          chimney cleaning and sweeping
     Concrete, cement and paving
          aggregate and sand supplier
          cement dealers
          cement finishing
          cement manufacturers and wholesalers
          coding and marking-construction
          concrete additives
          concrete blocks
          concrete breaking
          concrete contractors
          concrete curing and treating materials
          concrete cutting and breaking equipment
          concrete drilling and sawing
          concrete formers
          concrete forms and accessories
          concrete inspection
          concrete mixers
          concrete products
          concrete pumping
          concrete reinforcements
          concrete repair, sealing and restoration
          gypsum products
          pavement marking
          pavement sealing
          paving contractors
          paving equipment and materials
          pointing and jointing
          post-tensioned concrete
          prestressed concrete
          ready-mixed concrete
          tar and tar products
     Contractor equipment and services
          building contractors
          blasting contractors
          bridge builders
          building and joinery contractor
          building consultants
          building inspectors
          cabinet maker and carpenter
          carpenters and joiners
          carpentry and carpenters
          caulking contractors and caulkers
          construction information service
          construction management
          construction management consultant
          contractors-equipment rental
          contractors-equipment service and supplies
          demolition contractors
          diamond core drilling
          drilling equipment and supplies
          drywall contractors and drywalling
          drywall contractors-equipment and supplies
          eavestroughing and gutters
          excavating contractors
          foundation contractors
          general contractors
          home improvements and renovations
          mechanical contractors
          pole line contractors
          pole line equipment
          portable toilets
          property maintenance
          road construction and maintenance contractors
          sandblasting equipment and supplies
          septic tank design
          septic tank installation and repair
          septic tank manufacturers and wholesalers
          siding contractors
          stair builders
          tennis court construction
          commercial diver
          water damage restoration
          well drilling services and supplies
          woodworkers and woodworking
     Design and architecture
          architect supplies
          architectural and construction specifications
          architectural drawing
          architectural technologists
          drafting service
          home builders
          lighting designer
          manufactured and prefab homes
          prefab cottages and cabins
          structural engineers
     Electrical products and services
          electric connectors
          electrical equipment and supply stores
          electrical equipment and supply wholesalers
          electrical equipment manufacturers
          electrical equipment repair and service
          electrical fuses
          electrical relays
          electrical suppliers and importers
          electricity consultants
          home automation systems
          used electrical equipment
     Floors, ceilings and roofs
          ceiling partition specialist
          floor polishers and cleaning machines
          floor refinishing, laying and resurfacing
          floor treatment compounds
          flooring materials
          raised floors
          roof decks
          roof structures
          roof trusses
          roofing equipment and supplies
          roofing materials
          roofing service consultants
          sand finishing
          tin trade
     Foundations and piling
          foundation engineers
          pile driving
          pile driving equipment
          piling contractors
          well digging and exploration contractors
     Hardware-supplies and services
          assembly and fabricating services
          bolts and nuts importer
          brass products
          bricks supplier
          brush cutters
          chantier and quincaillerie
          common, face and interlocking bricks
          construction chemical products
          contractor tools and accessories
          hardware manufacturers and wholesalers
          hardware stores
          household hardware store
          nails and nailing machines
          nails and tacks
          nuts and bolts
          power tools
          safety and equipment
     Heavy construction and equipment
          crane distributors
          cranes hire
          pulley blocks
     Inspectors and surveyors
          aerial surveyors
          construction cost and law consultants
          construction surveyors
          factory and office space planning
          foundation inspection
          home inspection
          home maintenance and repair
          home planning
          industrial control analysers
          inspection bureaus
          land development
          land surveyors
          offshore surveyors
          quantity surveyors
          regional, rural and urban planners
          space planning consultants
          survey technicians
          surveying engineers
     Painting and plastering
          mobile scaffolding and platforms
          paint manufacturers and wholesalers
          paint manufacturing equipment
          paint removal
          paint stores
          painters tools and equipment
          painting and plastering
          plastering contractors
     Plumbing and piping
          backflow preventer testing and supplies
          composite pipes supplier
          drain and sewer cleaning
          drain grating
          drain pipe manufacturers and wholesalers
          drainage contractors
          frozen pipe thawing
          leak detection service
          pipe bending and fabricating
          pipe cleaning and inspection
          pipe cutting and threading equipment
          pipe fittings
          pipe freezing
          pipe hangers
          pipe insulation, lining and coating
          pipeline construction companies
          pipeline construction contractors
          piping contractors
          plastic pipes
          plumbers and plumbing contractors
          plumbing and sanitary fittings
          plumbing fixture and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          plumbing fixture and supply stores
          used pipe
          used plumbing tools, fixtures and supplies
          business schools
          colleges and universities
          distance learning and courses
          dance academy
          diplomas and certificates
          elementary schools
          kindergartens and pre-school nurseries
          pre-primary and primary schools
          secondary schools
          sewing courses and schools
          special purpose academic schools
          private tutoring
          supply teachers
     Services and supplies
          educational consultants
          school furniture and equipment
          school supplies
          teaching aids and educational supplies
     Specialist schools
          computer training centre
          computer training courses
          culinary schools and cooking classes
          dental colleges
          driving schools
          fashion and design school
          hairdressing and beauty courses and schools
          language courses and schools
          literacy courses
          massage therapy courses and schools
          nursing courses and schools
          performing arts schools
          public speaking courses and consultants
          special needs schools
          trade and technical schools
Entertainment And Media
     Amusement centres
          amusement arcades
          amusement games
          amusement rides-equipment
     Artists and entertainers
          arts and cultural organisations
          cultural centres
          entertainment bureaus
          magician and juggler equipment and supplies
          opera companies
          talent agencies
     Auditoriums and halls
          halls and auditoriums
     Casinos and gambling
          betting systems
          collector-pool betting
          lottery tickets
     Circus, festivals and outdoor events
          carnival supplies
     Games, hobbies and parties
          convention and party decorators
          dancing and singing telegrams and other messenger services
          invitations and announcements
          party planning service
          party supplies rental
          wedding planners and wedding planning supplies
          acoustic materials
          acoustical contractors
          background music
          composers and music arrangers
          dj service
          music cd publishing
          music cd, record and cassette tape manufacturers and wholesalers
          music lessons and schools
          music publishers
          music stores
          musical instrument accessories and supplies
          musical instrument repair
          musical instrument stores
          piano lessons and stores
          piano tuning, service and supplies
          sheet music
          singing lessons and schools
          sound and video recording service
          sound recording equipment and supplies
     News and information
          news agencies
          news services
          newspaper distributors
          weather forecast service
     Night life
          bars and clubs
          night clubs
          pubs and night clubs
     Radio and television broadcasting
          cable tv providers
          radio sales and repair
          radio station representatives
          radio stations and broadcasting companies
          television program producers and distributors
          television service providers
          television station representatives
          television stations and broadcasting companies
     Theatre and concert halls
          theatrical equipment and supplies
          theatrical managers and producers
     Tickets and seats
          sports, entertainment and concert ticket sales
     Video, movies and audio
          audio visual stores
          cable manufacturer-audio visual
          cable supplier-audio visual
          cable tray
          digital video services
          film casting agents and services
          film consultants
          film distributors and exchanges
          film laboratories
          film production equipment and supplies
          film production equipment rental
          film special effects
          film studios and producers
          giant-screen televisions
          home theatre systems
          makeup artists and consultants
          television parts and supplies
          television rental
          television sales and services
          television station equipment
          video and film editing
          video equipment and supplies
          video production
          video stores
Family And Community
     Children and child care
          baby accessory stores
          baby care product
          baby diapers
          baby foods
          baby furniture stores
          baby products
          baby care products
          baby wipes
          childcare services
          children's clothing stores
          children's service and activity information
          diapers distributor
          maternity clothes
     Community services and organisations
          apostolic and prophetic church
          charitable institution
          charity and non-profit organisations
          children and child care
          church supplies and furnishings
          churches and other places of worship
          community care and adult care facilities
          community health centres
          community service and charitable organisations
          crematoriums and cremation services
          divorce information
          funeral alternatives
          funeral home equipment and supplies
          funeral homes
          funeral planning
          homemaker service
          marriage, individual and family counsellors
          men's organisations and services
          monuments and tombstones
          political organisations
          social and human service organisations
          social workers
          wedding chapels
          women's organisations and services
          youth organisations and centres
          political parties
     Pet services
          animal and wildlife control
          animal breeders
          animal protection and shelters
          aquariums and supplies
          dog training and pet obedience schools
          feed dealers
          pet grooming, clipping, and washing
          pet health plans and medical insurance
          pet photographers
          pet shops
          pet sitting services
          pet transport
     Pet supplies
          animal feed
          pet food and supply stores
          pet food manufacturers and wholesalers
          veterinary equipment and supplies
          veterinary pharmacies
Finance And Legal
     Accounting services
          accountants and financial services
          accounting services
          attendance control
          auditing accountants
          bookkeeping software and accounting systems
          certified general accountants-cga
          certified management accountants-cma
          chartered accountants-ca
          debt management
          inventory service
          management accounting and accountants
          payroll service
          public accountants
          registered public accountants
     Banks and financial services
          bankruptcy trustees
          banks agent
          banks and financial institutions
          banks and financial institutions-international
          bill payment services
          brokers and agents
          business valuation
          cheque cashing service
          corporate services
          financing consultants
          holding companies
          incorporating companies
          insolvency consultants
          international banks
          loss prevention consultants
          money order and transfer service
          pension plans and profit sharing programs
     Financial industry-supplies
          automated tellers
          bank equipment and supplies
          business forms and systems
     Investment services
          investment advisory services
          investment agent
          investment brokers
          investment companies
          investment dealers
          investment securities
          miscellaneous investments
          mutual funds
          stock and bond brokers
          stock markets
          trust companies
     Loans and credit services
          collection agencies
          consumer credit
          credit agents
          credit and debt counselling
          credit card and cheque cashing protection
          credit card and plans
          credit card systems
          credit cards services
          credit reports
          credit unions
          payday loans and cash advances
     Retirement and financial planning
          brokers and commission agents
          estate consultants
          estate management
          estate planning consultants
          financial planners
          mortgage brokers
          registered education savings plan-resp
          registered retirement savings plan-rrsp
          retirement income funds
          retirement planning consultants
          brokers and commission agents-tax
          customs brokers
          law books
          legal aid
          legal information service
          legal service plans
          tax consultants
          tax return preparation
          bail and remand courts
          bankruptcy courts
          commercial courts
          courts of appeal
          criminal courts
          district courts
          industrial courts
          intermediate courts
          mediation courts
          supreme courts
          trial courts
          subordinate courts
Food And Beverages
     Bars, pubs and cafes
          cafes and bars
          coffee shops
          pubs and taverns
          tea rooms
     Beverages producers and products
          beer and ale
          beverage dealers
          beverages distributors
          bulk and bottled water
          cider makers
          soft drinks
          coffee producer
          coffee stores
          coffee wholesalers
          distilled water
          malt and hops
          spirit and liquor stores
          tea factories
          wine making and beer brewing equipment
          wines and spirits
     Desserts and sweets
          bakers and pastry
          bakery and pastry
          biscuits and confectioneries
          cake making supplies and decorations
          candy and confectionery manufacturers and wholesalers
          candy and confectionery stores
          confectioneries and candies
          ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers and wholesalers
          ice cream and frozen dessert stores
          ice cream cones
     Facilities and services
          alcohol, liquor and food delivery
          banquet rooms
          bar equipment rental
          bartender and host services
          cafeteria management, installation and planning
          licensed lounges
          restaurant menu services
          bakers wholesalers
          bio products
          bulk food stores
          bulk food wholesalers
          butcher shops
          canned foods
          chinese food manufacturers and distributors
          convenience stores
          dairy product wholesalers
          dairy products
          dairy stores
          dehydrated food
          deli product wholesalers and manufacturers
          dholl puri seller
          dried fruits
          dry ice
          farmers markets
          fish and seafood stores
          fish and seafood wholesalers
          food colours
          food distributors
          food importer and exporter
          food packaging
          food safety
          food storage
          freeze dried food
          frozen food stores
          frozen food wholesalers
          frozen meat
          fruit and vegetable juices
          fruit and vegetable stores
          fruit and vegetable wholesalers
          game birds, venison and more
          gourmet food shops
          grocers wholesalers
          health food manufacturers and wholesalers
          health food stores
          industrial food service
          institutional food service
          jams and jellies
          lobster dinners
          maple syrup, sugar and products
          marine shells
          meat packers
          meat stores
          meat wholesalers
          natural and organic food stores
          olive oil
          organic food products
          pasta products
          pastry shops
          pastry wholesalers
          popcorn machines
          poultry dealers
          poultry wholesalers
          processed vegetables
          salt manufacturers and wholesalers
          salt retailer
          seaweed products
          spices and sauces
          sugar refiners
          vegetable oil
          vegetarian and vegan foods
          breakfast and brunch restaurants
          chinese restaurants
          dinner theatre shows
          fast food restaurants
          fish and chips
          french restaurants
          indian restaurants
          international restaurants
          italian restaurants
          mauritian restaurants
          pasta restaurants
          pizza and pizzerias
          rotisseries and chicken restaurants
          sandwich shops
          sushi and japanese restaurants
          tapas and spanish restaurants
          thai restaurants
          mediterranean restaurants
     Ministries and cabinet members
          cabinet members
          civil servants and public officials
     Government, Parastatal and Regulatory bodies
          government authorities
          parastatal bodies
          regulatory bodies
     Embassies and Consulates
          embassies - foreign
          embassies - mauritius
     Government agencies and services
          city halls
          crime information service
          district council
          fingerprinting services, supplies and equipment
          identification cards
          municipal government
          naturalisation and immigration consultants
          passport and visa services
          provincial government
          public affairs and government relations consultants
          immigration services
          electoral services
          public information services
          regional government
Health And Medicine
     Alternative health care
          acupuncturist equipment and supplies
          astrologers and psychic services
          ayurvedic practitioners
          ayurvedic clinics
          ayurvedic pharmaceutical products
          clairvoyance and healing
          herbal products
          holistic health care
          massage equipment and supplies
          massage therapists
          home massage therapists
          massage therapy centres
          meditation courses and services
          midwives and doulas
          naturopathic doctors
          sports massage therapists
          shiatsu massage therapists
          vitamins and food supplements
          zone therapy
          feng shui practitioners
          reiki practitioners
          wellness practitioners
     Associations and organisations
          blood donation centres and clinics
          health and medical associations
          medical service organisations
          nurses registry
     Dental care
          dental clinics and centres
          dental equipment
          dental equipment sales, repair and supplies
          dental hygienists
          dental implant clinics
          dental laboratories
          dental laboratory equipment and supplies
          dental practice management and consultants
          dental practice regulation
          dental technicians
          dental surgeons
          oral surgeons
          public health dentists
          endodontics specialists
          emergency dentists
          oral maxillofacial surgeons
     Diet and nutrition
          dieticians and nutritionists
          nutrition consultants
     Eye care
          contact lenses
          eyeglasses and eyewear
          glasses manufacturers and wholesalers
          laser vision correction
          optical laboratories
          optical products
          sunglasses and sun goggles
          vision and eye care
     Fitness and exercise
          exercise equipment
          exercise, health and fitness training and gyms
          fitness trainers
          gymnasium equipment and supplies
          health resorts
          physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation
          pilates classes and studios
          skating instruction and clubs
          yoga courses and schools
     Hospitals and clinics
          cardiology centres
          community health centres
          hospitals and medical centres
          laser treatments and therapy
          local community service centres
          organ and tissue banks
     Long term care
          assisted living
          childrens' care homes
          elderly care homes
          nursing home consultants
          nursing homes
          physical rehabilitation therapists
          rehabilitation services
          rest homes
          retirement homes and communities
          retreat houses
          senior citizen services and centres
          day centres
     Medical products, equipment and services
          allergy medications and services
          ambulance services
          artificial insemination
          artificial limbs
          birth control information centres
          cancer information and support service
          walking aids
          chiropractic equipment and supplies
          contraception and contraceptives
          deaf persons and hard of hearing services
          diabetes treatment information and services
          disability services and organisations
          ergonomic equipment
          first aid services
          first aid supplies
          health care and hospital consultants
          health information and services
          hearing aid accessories
          hearing aid acousticians
          hearing aid manufacturers
          hearing aids
          hearing protection
          home health care equipment and supplies
          home health care service
          hospital and medical service plans
          hospital equipment and supplies
          incontinence products, supplies and services
          mastectomy products
          medical alarm systems
          medical and dental x-ray laboratories
          medical and infectious waste removal
          medical billing and coding service
          medical emergency identification
          medical equipment and supplies
          medical information services
          technical medical services
          medical transcription services
          nursing assistants
          occupational health and safety
          orthopaedic appliances
          oxygen therapy equipment
          paternity testing
          patient transfer services
          pharmaceutical product manufacturers and wholesalers
          physiotherapy equipment
          plantar orthosis
          podiatrist equipment and supplies
          poison information centres
          respiratory equipment
          safety equipment and clothing
          surgical equipment and supplies
          ultrasonic equipment and supplies
          weight control services and clinics
          wheelchair rental
          medical laboratory services
          feng shui product suppliers
          ent surgeons
          forensic doctors
          occupational health doctors
          plastic surgeons
          general surgeons
          home visit doctors
          general practitioners
          clinical psychologist
     Therapy and counselling
          wellness centres
          abortion clinics and services
          addiction treatments and information
          crisis centres
          dependency information and help centres
          eating disorder information and treatment clinics
          hiv and aids information and support services
          human relations consultants
          hypnosis and hypnotherapy
          insomnia, apnoea and other sleep disorders
          life coaching
          mental health services and counselling centres
          occupational therapists
          family planning clinics
          psychological testing
          sex therapists
          sexual abuse recovery services
          smokers information and treatment centres
          speech language pathologists
          speech therapists
          stress management counselling
          stress relief equipment and service
          suicide distress centres
Home And Garden
          christening items
          christmas decorations and lights
          christmas trees
          clock repair
          intercom systems residential
          linen stores
          mats and matting
          appliance manufacturers and wholesalers
          appliance parts and supplies
          appliance repair and service
          boiler supplier
          dishwasher parts and supplies
          dishwasher sales and service
          domestic pump
          electrical appliances and accessories
          garbage disposal repair
          home garbage disposal equipment
          iron works
          major appliance stores
          major home appliance renting and leasing
          microwave ovens
          oil, gas, pellet and wood stove stores
          power generator rental
          ranges, cooktops and stoves sales and services
          refrigeration contractors
          refrigeration part and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          refrigerator and freezer parts and supplies
          refrigerator and freezer rental
          refrigerator and freezer sales and service
          refrigerator and freezer wholesalers and manufacturers
          small home appliance stores
          stove and cooktop parts and supplies
          stove manufacturers and wholesalers
          used appliance stores
          washer and dryer manufacturers and wholesalers
          washer and dryer parts
          washer and dryer rental
          washer and dryer sales and service
     Bedroom and linens
          adjustable beds
          bed linen
          bed manufacturers and wholesalers
          bed rental
          bedding manufacturer supplies
          cushion manufacturers and wholesalers
          embroidery supplies
          linen and accessories
          linen manufacturers and wholesalers
          linen store
          mattress making supplies
          mattresses and box springs
     Cabinets, racks and organisers
          cabinet makers
          check room equipment and services
          closet organisers and accessories
          dnv rack
          garment bags and covers
          garment hangers
          garment racks
     Cleaning supplies and services
          blasting equipment and supplies
          brushes and brooms
          central vacuum systems
          cleaning equipment
          cleaning materials
          cleaning services
          duct cleaning
          dust control and suppression materials
          exterior house cleaning
          garbage collection
          home cleaning
          home vacuum cleaners
          septic tank
          upholstery cleaners
          vacuum cleaner manufacturers and wholesalers
          vacuum cleaner parts and accessories
          vacuum cleaning
     Cooling and ventilation
          ac equipment rental
          ac installation and maintenance
          air and water systems balancing
          air conditioning contractors
          air conditioning repair and cleaning
          air conditioning systems and parts
          air pollution control
          air pollution measuring equipment and service
          air purifiers and air cleaning equipment
          air quality services
          household fans
          industrial and commercial fans
          portable air conditioners
          ventilation contractors
          ventilation equipment
     Doors and gates
          automated gates
          automatic entrance
          balanced doors
          cold storage doors
          door access control
          door and window screens
          door closers and checks
          door operating devices
          door repair and service
          door supplier
          doors and windows
          doors fire rated
          fire doors
          folding doors
          garage builders
          garage door openers
          garage equipment
          industrial doors
          locksmith and locks
          metal door frames
          mirror and glass doors
          overhead and garage doors
          plastic doors
          revolving doors
          rubber doors
          sliding and rolling doors
          soundproof doors
          steel and metal doors
          temporary garage shelters
          wood doors
          antique dealers-furniture
          antique furniture reproductions
          antique restoration, refinishing and repair furniture
          custom furniture designers and builders
          display stand
          furniture cleaning
          furniture frames
          furniture manufacturers
          furniture manufacturing equipment and supplies
          furniture pads
          furniture refinishing, stripping and repair
          furniture stores
          furniture wholesalers
          protective table pads
          unfinished furniture
          used furniture stores
          wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture and products
     Garden and lawn
          artificial turf
          asphalt and asphalt products
          barbecue equipment and supplies
          bird repellents, barriers and controls
          bituminous products and suppliers
          docks and dock builders
          environmental consultants and services
          fence hoarding
          fence posts and fitting
          fencing supplier
          garden and lawn equipment and supplies
          garden and lawn equipment rental
          garden centres
          greenhouse equipment and accessories
          greenhouse sales and service
          horticulturists and horticultural consultants
          lawn and garden sprinkler systems
          lawn maintenance
          lawn mowers
          lawn ornaments and accessories
          lighting plants
          nurseries and tree growers
          patio furniture and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          patio furniture sets and supplies
          peat products
          ponds, waterfalls and fountains
          sod and sodding service
          sunrooms, solariums and atriums
          tree service
          weed control service
     General home and garden supplies and services
          domestic help
          enamelling, japanning and lacquering
          gas leak detectors
          home designers
          house sitting services
          housing providers
          maid and butler service
          mirror retailers
          mirrors manufacturers and wholesalers
          ornamental plaster
          picture frame dealers
          picture frame manufacturers and wholesalers
          picture hanging service
          picture manufacturers and wholesalers
          stair equipment
          boiler cleaning
          boiler compounds
          boiler inspection
          boiler manufacturers and distributors
          boiler parts and supplies
          boiler rental
          boiler repair and maintenance
          boiler service and repair
          cold and heat insulation contractors
          electric heating elements
          electric heating equipment and systems
          electric instruments
          electrical insulation materials
          electricians and electrical contractors
          fireplace equipment manufacturers and wholesalers
          fireplace tools and equipment stores
          firewood suppliers
          fuel oil-home
          furnace parts and supplies
          furnace repair, cleaning and maintenance
          gas appliance repair and maintenance
          gas appliances
          heat and cold insulation materials
          heat exchanger
          heat pump systems
          heat supplying companies
          heating consultants
          heating contractors
          heating systems and equipment
          insulation consultants
          insulation equipment and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          new and used boilers
          portable heaters
          solar heating systems
          water heater dealers
          aluminium product
          bathtub re-enameling
          coffee machine supplier
          coffee machines and roasting equipment
          cooking utensils
          counter tops
          glassware, china and crystal decorators
          glassware, china and crystal repair
          glassware, china and crystal stores
          glassware, china and crystal wholesalers and manufacturers
          houseware manufacturers and wholesalers
          houseware stores
          kitchen accessories
          kitchen cabinets
          kitchen planning and remodelling
          knife manufacturers and wholesalers
          knife retailers
          paper and plastic dish and cutlery
          silverware cleaning, repair and replating
          glassware manufacturer
     Interior decoration
          cast stone
          ceramic products-home
          ceramic tiles
          decorative ceramic products
          fit out contractor
          home decor and furnishing
          home staging
          interior decorating accessories
          interior decorators
          interior decorators supplies
          interior designers
     Kitchen and bath supplies and services
          apron manufacturers and wholesalers
          bathroom accessories
          bathroom accessory manufacturers and wholesalers
          bathroom fittings
          bathroom remodelling
          bathrooms equipment
          bathtub equipment and supplies
          bathtub refinishing and repairing
          hot tubs and spas
          mixing equipment
          sauna equipment and supplies
          shower enclosures and doors
          tableware rental
          water filters and water purification equipment
          whirlpool bath equipment and supplies
          emergency lighting equipment
          lamp and lamp shade retailers
          lamp manufacturers and wholesalers
          lamp parts and supplies
          lamp repair and mounting
          lamp shade frames and supplies
          lamp shade manufacturers and wholesalers
          light bulbs and tubes
          lighting consultants and contractors
          lighting equipment and systems
          lighting fixture cleaning
          lighting fixture repair and maintenance
          lighting fixtures manufacturers and wholesalers
          lighting fixtures parts and supplies
          lighting stores
          lighting tower
          lightning protection equipment
     Moving and storage
          heavy hauling movers
          moving equipment and supplies
          moving equipment and supply rental
          moving services and storage facilities
          piano and organ moving
          storage self service
     Outdoor accessories and equipment
          crushed stone
          domes and cupolas
          earth moving equipment and repairs
          interlocking stone
          land promoters
          landscape and garden lighting
          landscaping equipment and supplies
          mail boxes
          natural stone
          private swimming pools
          seeds and bulbs
          snow making and melting machines
          stone setting contractors
          storage sheds
          swimming pool contractors and dealers
          swimming pool enclosures
          swimming pool manufacturers and distributors
          swimming pool supplies and equipment
          tree contractors equipment
          weather vanes
     Outdoor services
          clearing and forwarding
          gardening services
          land clearing and levelling
          land consultants
          landscape architects
          landscape contractors and designers
          propane gas sales and service
          propane gas tanks and refills
          property management
          snow ploughing and clearing services
          snow removal
          swimming pool maintenance
     Painting and floor and wall coverings
          carpet and floor coverings
          carpet and rug cleaning
          carpet and rug cleaning equipment and supplies
          carpet and rug cleaning equipment rental
          carpet and rug custom finishing
          carpet and rug manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors
          carpet and rug repair
          carpet installation equipment and supplies
          carpet installers
          ceiling and wall cleaning
          lacquer manufacturers
          laminate flooring
          rug and carpet dyeing
          wallpaper and wall covering contractors
          wallpaper and wall covering stores
          wallpaper and wall covering manufacturers and wholesalers
     Pest control
          extermination and fumigation
          extermination and fumigation equipment and supplies
          insect control devices
          pest control equipment and supplies
          pest control services
          pesticides and insecticides
     Safety and security
          access control-home
          camera surveillance
          fire alarm systems
          fire blanket supplier
          fire extinguishers
          fire fighting equipment supplier
          fire hose
          fire proofing clothing
          fire protection system equipment
          fire retardant
          fire safety contractor
          fire suppression system
          fireproofing contractor
          security alarm system manufacturers and wholesalers
          security alarm systems
          security control systems and equipment
          blind cleaning, repairing and installation
          blind equipment and supplies
          blind manufacturers and wholesalers
          blind stores
          carved and blown ornamental glass
          curtain and drapery cleaning
          curtain and drapery fixtures
          curtain and drapery installation services
          curtains-materials and fittings
          curtains and curtains materials
          curtains and draperies
          drapery and curtain manufacturers and wholesalers
          glass-plate, window and door
          glass grinding, drilling and bending
          glass manufacturers and wholesalers
          glazier supplies
          leaded and stained glass
          metal windows
          ornamental glass
          storm windows and doors
          structural and block glass
          vinyl windows
          window cleaning equipment and supplies
          window cleaning service
          window repair
          window shades
          wooden windows
Industrial Supplies And Services
     Adhesives, chemicals, inks, dyes and lubricants
          adhesives and glues-industry
          asbestos and products
          asbestos removal and abatement
          asbestos testing and consultants
          bleaching products
          cartridge supplier
          caulking materials and equipment-industry
          chemical products
          chemical reclaiming
          chemical storage and handling
          chemical suppliers
          chlorine and chlorinated products
          colour separation
          colours and pigments
          consulting and analytical chemists
          detergent chemical
          dyers and dyes
          industrial alcohol
          industrial diamonds
          lubricating equipment
          polyurethane products
          protective coatings
          urethane products
     Amusement equipment and devices
          bleachers and grandstand seats
          coupon and ticket printing and supplies
          disco equipment
          drafting equipment and supplies
          pool tables and equipment
          seat manufacturers and wholesalers
          token and coin manufacturers
          trophy manufacturers and wholesalers
     Audio, video and motion pictures equipment and services
          scenery painting
          sound systems and equipment
          studio rental
     Batteries and power supply
          battery chargers-industry
          battery services-industry
          dry cell batteries
          storage battery dealers
          storage battery manufacturers and wholesalers
          uninterruptible power supply
     Canvas and tarps
     Castings, dies and moulds
          cutting die
          die casting
          die cutting
          die makers
          die-cutting equipment
          die-making equipment
          investment castings
          steel rule dies
     Cleaning equipment, supply and services
          air freshener
          brush and broom manufacturing equipment and supplies
          brush cutters-industry
          building maintenance
          car care products-industry
          chemical and pressure cleaning systems
          chemical and steam cleaning systems
          chemical products-cleaning
          clean room installation and equipment
          cleaner and dyer equipment and supplies
          cleaning equipment-industry
          cleaning materials-industry
          cleaning services-industry
          commercial, industrial and residential cleaning
          disinfecting and deodorising
          dust collection systems
          graffiti removal
          industrial and commercial waste compactors
          industrial steam cleaning
          industrial vacuum cleaners
          laundry equipment and supplies
          machinery cleaning
          mould removal and control
          oil spill cleanup and control
          power sweepers
          power sweeping services
          spill cleanup
          tube expanding and cleaning equipment
          vacuum equipment and systems
     Dewatering service
          dewatering hose
          dewatering pump
          dewatering pump equipment supplier
          dewatering service
     Electrical supplies and services
          electric companies
          electric motor controls
          electric motor manufacturers
          electric motor parts and supplies
          electric motor sales and service
          electrical equipment manufacturers-industry
          electrical fuses-industry
          electrical-discharge machining
          etched, stamped and printed circuits
     Engraving, embossing, plating and lamination
          engraving equipment and supplies
          general engravers
          glass engravers
          metal engravers
          monument engravers
          plastic and wood engravers
          plating equipment and supplies
          stationery engravers
     Filters, screens, grates and traps
          filter cleaning and service
          filtering materials and supplies
          liquid filters
          meters and counting machines
          sifting and screening equipment and service
          steam systems
     Food and beverages
          fruit exporter
          bakery and pastry-industrial
          bakery and pastry-ingredients and equipment
          bakery equipment
          bakery spare parts
          bakery supplies
          bar equipment
          bar fixtures
          bar supplies
          beer dispensers and coolers
          beverage distributors and bottlers
          beverage industries
          beverages wholesalers and distributors
          biscuits manufacturers
          biscuits manufacturers and distributors
          bottle caps and seals
          bottler-non alcoholic
          bottling equipment and supplies
          breath testers
          brewing equipment and supplies
          butchery equipment and supplies
          can and bottle return depots
          candy and chocolate manufacturing equipment
          canned foods-industry
          canning equipment and supplies
          catering equipment and supplies
          catering suppliers
          chocolate products
          commercial kitchen equipment
          fibre and corrugated boxes
          flavouring extracts
          food and beverage consultants
          food brokers
          food facility consultants
          food plans and programs
          food processing equipment and service
          food products
          food service management
          frozen food processing
          fruits and vegetables
          fruit and vegetable shipping
          hoisting and digging buckets
          ice cream freezers
          ice-cream-making equipment
          ice-making machines and equipment
          industrial crating and crates
          liquor dispensers
          meat brokers
          pizza equipment and supplies
          plastic boxes
          restaurant equipment and supplies
          restaurant equipment repair
          restaurant management
          sausage making equipment and supplies
          seafood and fish processing
          used boxes
          wine cellars and storage equipment
          wooden boxes
          yeast manufacturers and wholesalers
          industrial rack systems
          library equipment and supplies
     General industrial supplies and services
          acoustical engineers
          air compressor
          balancing service
          calibration service
          chemical products-industry
          counterfeit detection devices
          electrical engineers-industry
          electronics engineers
          industrial consultants
          industrial engineers
          industrial fasteners
          industrial relations consultants
          industrial relations consultants
          merchandise demonstration
          metallurgical engineers
          professional engineers
          shock absorbers wholesales
          smoke odour removal
          stone crusher
          stone crusher
          vibration control and measurement
     Glass, seals and sealants
          acrylic fabricator
          acrylic products manufacturer and supplier
          acrylic sheets supplier
          corporate and notary seals
          dock seals and covers
          fibreglass manufacturers
          fibreglass materials
          fibreglass products
          fibreglass repair
          hydraulic seals
          mechanical seals
          o rings
          security seals
          window tinting and coating
     Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning
          air conditioning duct
          cooling towers
          electric and heating coils
          flameproof materials
          gas burners
          industrial furnaces
          smoke stacks
          steam traps
     Hoses, coils and tubing
          flexible metal hose and tubing
          hose fittings and couplings
          plastic and rubber tubing and hose
     Hydraulics and pneumatics
          hydraulic equipment and supplies
          pneumatic equipment and parts
          pneumatic tube systems
          computerised time recorder distributor
          geophysical apparatus
          instrumentation engineers
          radioactivity detectors, supplies and service
          scientific instruments
          static control
          surveying instruments and supplies
          testing machines
          time recorders
          ultraviolet lamps and apparatus
          variable-speed drives
          weight scale repair
          weight scales
     Jewellery and lapidary
          gold, silver and platinum buyers and sellers
          goldsmiths and silversmiths-industry
          jewellery castings
          lapidaries and supplies
     Kilns and ovens
          industrial ovens
     Labels and labelling
          coding and marking
          fabric labels
          foil products
          paper labels
          plastic, metal and foil labels
          pressure sensitive materials
          price marking equipment and supplies
          analytical and testing laboratories
          laboratory equipment and supplies
          medical laboratories
          research and development laboratories
     Lasers and holograms
     Locksmiths, locks and keys
          keys and key cutting
          locksmith equipment and supplies
     Machines, machining and machinery
          automation control
          balancing equipment
          blowers and blower systems
          buffing and polishing equipment and supplies
          chemical plant equipment and supplies
          chemical products-machineries
          composters and composting services
          compressor rental
          conveyor belt supplier
          crane manufacturers and distributors
          cranes hire-industry
          crankshaft grinding
          crushing and pulverising equipment and service
          cryogenic equipment and supplies
          custom designed machinery
          dosing systems
          duplicators and supplies
          gas cylinders
          grinding wheels
          hydraulic and air cylinders
          industrial drying equipment
          industrial feeders
          industrial silencers
          industrial vibrators
          laser and thread cutting
          lathe machine
          liquid packing machinery
          machine shop supplies
          machine shops
          machine tool repairing and rebuilding
          machine tools
          machinery movers and erectors
          machinery rebuild and repair
          machinery sales
          mechanical belting
          mechanical packing materials
          motor rewinding
          overhead travelling cranes
          power presses
          precision and production grinding
          screw machines and equipment
          slitting and cutting services
          used machinery
          water jet cutting
          weight scales-industry
     Material handling
          construction and handling equipment
          forklift truck parts and supplies
          forklift truck rental
          forklift truck repairing
          lift and escalator
          lifting tool
          material handling consultants
          material handling equipment
          pallets and skids
          pulley blocks-industry
          sand and gravel handling equipment
     Metals, metals working and metals products
          base metal smelting and refining
          base metals
          binding wire-metals
          brassware distributors
          bronzing and preserving
          buffing and polishing
          cast aluminium-industry
          expanded metals
          filling machine
          fire bricks
          foundry equipment and supplies
          hot stamping
          hot stamping equipment and supplies
          iron works-industry
          lead abatement and removal
          lead products
          metal cleaning
          metal cutting machines
          metal detection equipment
          metal finishers
          metal finishing equipment and supplies
          metal forming and rolling
          metal heat treating
          metal powders
          metal rollers
          metal shearing and slitting
          metal specialties
          metal spinning
          metal spinning equipment
          metal stamping
          metallising equipment
          perforated metals
          precious metal sheets, wire and tubing
          precious metal smelting and refining
          reinforcing steel manufacturers
          scrap metals
          sheet metal work
          sheet metal working equipment and supplies
          silver recovery
          stainless steel
          steel distributors and warehouses
          steel erectors
          steel fabricators
          steel flame cutting
          steel mills
          steel processing
          steel processing and fabricating equipment
          steel reinforcement placers
          steel reinforcement supplies
          structural steel detailers
          used steel
          welding consultants
          welding equipment and supplies
          welding equipment rental
          welding equipment repair
          carbon dioxide
          carbon products
          sand and gravel
     Oil, coal, fuels and natural gases
          bunkering services
          coal importer
          cutting oil
          diesel fuel-industry
          fuel oil
          gas contractor
          gas distributors-industrial and medical
          gas piping
          gas plant maintenance
          grease and oil absorbents
          industrial oil
          natural gas companies
          oil additives
          oil burner manufacturers and wholesalers
          oil burner sales and service
          oil companies
          oil consultants
          oil field services
          oil handling equipment
          oil producers
          oil refineries
          oil refinery equipment
          oil seals
          petroleum products
          reclaimed oil
          waste oil
     Pipes, tubes, pumps, ducts and valves
          composite pipes supplier-industry
          metal tubing
          pipeline equipment
          pump parts and supplies
          pump rental
          pump repair and installation
          tube bending and fabrication
          tube fittings
          underground utility locators
          valve and fitting repair
          valves and fittings
     Plastics and rubber products and services
          elastic goods
          foam products
          high pressure laminate plastics
          mould makers
          mould making equipment and supplies
          plastic and rubber rollers
          plastic and rubber stamps
          plastic coating
          plastic extrusion
          plastic fabrication, finishing and decorating
          plastic machinery and equipment
          plastic material dealers
          plastic moulders
          plastic product manufacturers and wholesalers
          plastic repair
          plastic research and consulting
          plastic resins, liquids and powders
          plastic sheet, film and fabric manufacturers
          plastic sheets, tubes and rods
          polyethylene products and materials
          pressure and vacuum formed plastic
          reinforced plastics
          rubber products
          scrap plastics
     Printing and publishing
          blueprinting and reprographic equipment and supplies
          blueprinting equipment
          bookbinding equipment and supplies
          colour cards-industry
          colour separation-printing
          folding machines
          folding service
          photo engraving and offset colour separation
          photocopiers and supplies
          sample cards and books
          stencils and stencilling supplies
     Process and industrial control system
          acoustic materials-industry
          automation research and development
          automation systems and equipment
          controls, control systems and regulators
          emission testing
          industrial control systems
          industrial hearing and sound level testing
          industrial inspection devices
          quality control
          testing and inspecting engineers
     Security and safety products
          access control-industry
          camera surveillance-industry
          fire hydrants
          gate operating devices
          lie detection service
          police training and equipment
          radiation detection and measurement
          security consultants
          sirens and horns
     Sharpening, slicing and spraying
          honing machines and equipment
          honing service
          machine knives
          saw sharpening and repair
          sharpening service
          skate sharpening and repair
          spraying equipment
          strapping equipment
     Specialty equipment and supplies
          engineering equipment and supplies
          industrial equipment and supplies
          infrared equipment and inspection service
          taxidermy equipment and supplies
          training equipment
          concrete tanks
          metal tanks
          plastic and fibreglass tanks
          tank cleaning
          tank inspection and testing services
          tank installation and disposal
          tank lining and coating
          tank repair and service
          textile accessories
          casual wear manufacturers
          cloth cutting-textile
          clothes lines
          clothing technology
          cotton goods
          embroidering machines
          industrial sewing machines
          knit fabrics and goods
          knitting machines
          pattern makers
          pattern making supplies and equipment
          pleating and hemstitching
          quilt manufacturers and wholesalers
          sewing contractors
          sewing machine manufacturers and wholesalers
          sewing machine supplies and attachments
          sheepskin specialties
          silk fabrics
          straight and bias binding
          tanners and tanneries
          textile and clothing fasteners
          textile brokers
          textile converting
          textile finishing
          textile industry
          textile machinery
          textile manufacturers and wholesalers
          textile printing
          upholstery fabric
          upholstery supplies
          wicker product wholesalers
          wiping cloths
          wool manufacturers and wholesalers
          woollen and worsted goods
          yarn manufacturers and wholesalers
          cutting tools
          industrial tool grinding
          pneumatic tools
          power tools-industry
          rental equipment
          springs manufacturers and distributors
          tool designers
          tool repair and parts
          torque tools
          water conservation equipment
          water consultants
          water distilling equipment and supplies
          water heater manufacturers and wholesalers
          water heater rental
          water pollution control
          water softener equipment and service
          water supply systems
          water treatment equipment and service
          water treatment plant management
          water well drilling and service
          water well equipment and supplies
          water works contractors
          water works equipment and supplies
          water blasting
          waterproofing contractors
          waterproofing materials
          wellpoint systems
          cold-storage warehouses
          distribution warehouses
          hazardous material handling, storage and training
          liquid and bulk storage
          merchandise warehouses
          warehouse equipment
     Wiring and cabling
          binding wire
          cable installation, splicing and detection
          cable manufacturer
          cable supplier
          cable tray manufacturer and supplier
          cabling equipment and supplies
          computer cabling-industry
          electrical wiring harnesses
          electronic and electric wire
          wire cloth
          wire products
          wire rope
          wire-stitching machines and supplies
     Wood and paper
          carton corrugated
          carton products
          cork products
          lumber carriers
          lumber drying
          lumber manufacturers and wholesalers
          lumber treating
          paper converting
          paper distributors
          paper manufacturers
          paper mill machinery
          paper mill supplies
          paper tubes and cores
          planing mills
          pulp products
          recycled paper and cardboard-industry
          sawdust and shavings
          sawmill equipment and supplies
          structural and framing timber
          timber and log
          timber and timberland companies
          used lumber
          waste paper-industry
          wood restoration and preservation
          wood supplies
          wood turning
          woodworking equipment and machines
     X ray equipment and services
          industrial x ray laboratories
          x ray protection
          x-ray systems and equipment
     Hotel services and supplies
          hotel and catering services
          hotel and motel equipment and supplies
          hotel and restaurants equipment and supplies
NGO's and Trusts
     Environment, marine and animals
          agriculture, fisheries and craft
          animal protection and welfare
          climate change
          marine and environment protection
     Human, family and ethics
          charitable organisation
          child protection
          family welfare
          gender equality
          human rights
          poverty alleviation
          society welfare
          women empowerment
          women protection
     National and international (others)
          aid, war and disaster relief
     Aid and disaster relief
          disaster recovery services
          relief organisation
     NGO: Health
          donor organised ngo
          drug rehabilitation centre
          educational ngo
          hiv centre
          specialised health care
     NGO: Training
          music and arts
          training equipment, facilities and services
          youth development
          youth organisations ngos
     NGO: Sports
          leisure and sports
          promotion of sports
     NGO: Culture
          peace and harmony promotion
          promotion of culture
          religious ngo
          socio-economic development
Personal Care
     Barbers, beauty salons and spas
          barbers equipment and supplies
          baths and saunas: relaxation
          beauty and hair salons
          beauty and health spas
          beauty institute equipment and supplies
          beauty institutes
          beauty parlour
          beauty salon equipment and supplies
          beauty salons and consultants
          beauty supply brokers
          chinese products
          aesthetician equipment and supplies
          hair stylists
          hairdressers and beauty salons
          men's hairdressers and barber shops
          nail salons
          spa equipment and supplies
          spa treatments
     Body art and piercing
          ear piercing
          laser tattoo removal
          piercing and body art
          tattooing shops
          cosmetic distributor and manufacturers
          cosmetic distributors
          cosmetic manufacturers and distributors
          cosmetics and perfumes stores
          cosmetics and toiletries
          cosmetics manufacturers and wholesalers
          manicure and pedicure equipment and supplies
          manicures and pedicures
          perfume manufacturers and wholesalers
          permanent make-up
     Skin and scalp services and products
          electrolysis equipment and supplies
          electrolysis treatments
          essential oils
          foot care
          hair goods
          hair removal
          hair transplants and replacement
          scalp treatment and products
          shaving razors and blades
          skin care products and treatments
          tanning salon equipment and supplies
          tanning salons
          wig and hairpiece manufacturers and wholesalers
          wigs, hairpieces and toupees
          natural remedies
          perfume making supplies and raw materials
          sanitary products
          soaps and detergents
          steam bath equipment and supplies
          toilet preparations
     Health care and natural remedies
          holistic health and remedies
Public Utilities And Environment
     Energy and power
          energy conservation and renewable products and services
          energy management and consultants
          energy recovery systems
          gas companies
          power plant equipment
          power transmission equipment
          solar energy systems and equipment
          wind energy systems
          environmental conservation and ecological organisations
          environmental control systems
          environmental engineers
          environmental health and safety
          environmental products and services
          environmental test equipment
          erosion control
          industrial parks
          noise control
          pollution control
          traffic ticket defence
     Public security
          fire emergency calls
          fire protection consultants
          fire protection service
          fireproofing and fire stopping
          flood damage restoration
          police emergency calls
          search and rescue
          traffic signalling equipment
     Public utilities
          public telephone service
          septic tank cleaning
          sewage disposal systems
          sewage treatment systems and equipment
          sewer cleaning equipment and service
          sewer contractors
          sewer line inspection
          sewer pipes
          signalisation systems
          street lighting standards and equipment
          traffic and parking services and consultants
          industrial and commercial garbage disposal equipment
          industrial waste disposal and reduction equipment
          industrial waste disposal and reduction service
          landfill sites
          liquid waste removal
          recycled paper and cardboard
          recycling equipment and systems
          recycling information
          rubbish removal
          rubbish removal equipment
          street cleaning
          toxic waste
          washroom hygiene services
          waste containers
          waste management
          waste paper
          water suppliers
          wasterwater management
Real Estate And Insurance
     Building management
          awning and canopy cleaning service
          awning and canopy manufacturers and wholesalers
          awning and canopy sales and service
          building exterior cleaning
          building management system
          business continuity management
          cleaning and janitorial supplies
          close circuit television
          closed circuit television systems and equipment-cctv
          commercial carpet consultants
          elevator consultants
          elevator maintenance and repair
          elevator parts and supplies
          fire escapes
          freight and passenger elevators
          home elevator installation and service
          janitorial service
          letters for signs
          office and desk space rental
          office buildings
          shoplifting prevention systems
          sign equipment and supplies
          sign installation
          sign lettering
          sign maintenance and repair
          store fronts
          wheelchair ramps and lifts
          actuary consulting and services
          car insurance
          chartered life insurance underwriters
          chartered secretaries
          commission agent
          disaster insurance
          general insurance
          health, travel, and life insurance
          insurance agents
          insurance and re-insurance companies
          insurance brokers
          insurance claim adjusters
          insurance company rating bureaus
          insurance consultants
          insurance fidelity and surety bonds
          insurance medical exams
          inventory possessions insurance
          surety and fidelity bonds
          warranty programs
     Real estate
          chartered appraisers
          commission agents-real estate
          international real estate
          mobile home parks
          real estate-general
          real estate agencies
          real estate agents and brokers
          real estate appraisers
          real estate brokers and sales representatives
          real estate consultants
          real estate developers
          real estate investment
          real estate management
          real estate rental and leasing
          luxury real estate
Religious Organisations And Associations
     Places of worship
          temples, churches, pagodas and mosques
     Information and educational
          religious centres
          religious education institution
          religious publication
     Events and historical
          historical religious building
          religious events
Shopping And Specialty Stores
          antique dealers
          antique reproductions
          antique restoration, refinishing and repair
     Apparel and accessories
          adaptive clothing
          asian products
          beads and pearls shops
          belts shops
          bra and corset manufacturers and wholesalers
          buttons manufacturer
          buttons retailer
          caps and gowns
          caps retailer
          casual wear retailer
          children's wear retailer
          choli specialist retailer
          clock and watch retailer
          clothing high fashion retailer
          clothing ready-made retailer
          clothing retailer
          coin dealer
          coin dealers and supplies
          dance supplies
          diamonds retailer
          electric shavers
          esoteric services and products
          fabric stores
          fashion accessories retailer
          faux leather retailer
          feathers and feather products
          felt and felt products
          first nations and aboriginal goods
          flag poles
          flags and banners retailer
          formal wear retailer
          fur stores
          gloves and mittens retailer
          handbag stores
          hemp products
          jeans stores
          jewellers and jewellery stores
          jewellery retailer
          leather clothing retailer
          leather goods retailers
          leather retailers
          lingerie stores
          men's clothing stores
          monograms and initials
          pewter products
          pin retailer
          precious and semi-precious stones retailer
          pressure sensitive materials retailer
          religious goods
          ribbons retailer
          rocks for collectors
          sewing machine stores
          sewing supplies retailer
          stamps for collectors
          sweaters retailer
          ties and neckwear retailer
          t-shirt stores
          watch retailers
          wicker furniture and products
          women's clothing
          women's suit
     Arts supplies and services
          art foundries
          art galleries, dealers and consultants
          art materials and supplies
          art metal work
          art publishers and distributors
          art restorations
          art schools
          art supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          arts and crafts classes and schools
          arts and crafts manufacturers and wholesalers
          arts and crafts markets
          arts and crafts material and supplies
          arts and crafts stores
          bookbinding-specialty and restoration
          calligraphy and calligraphers
          camera and photo equipment stores
          canvas goods
          ceramics equipment and supplies
          commercial artists
          craft materials retailer
          embroidery retailer
          gold leaf
          gold stamping
          goldsmiths and silversmiths
          laminating equipment and supplies
          lamination service
          photo printing and finishing
          photo restoration and retouch
          photographic reproduction
          photography courses and schools
          photography equipment and camera repair
          photography equipment and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          picture restoration
          portrait and wedding photographers
          pottery equipment and supplies
          quilt retailers
          quilting retailer
          sculpting equipment and supplies
          wood carving
          book stores
          book wholesalers
          calendar retailers
     Discount, used and rental goods
          consumer goods distributor
          discount stores
          duty free stores
          factory outlets
          flea markets
          job lot merchandise
          salvage and surplus goods
          second hand stores
          charity shops
          artificial flower and plant arrangements
          artificial flower and plant manufacturers and wholesalers
          florist wholesalers
          florists and flower shops
          florists' supplies
          flower arranging and floral design courses
          indoor plant maintenance and wholesalers
          indoor plant stores
          planters and garden pots
     Games and toys
          adventure games and activities
          billiard table suppliers
          billiard tables
          board games and others
          children play equipment
          comic books
          computer games retailer
          darts and dartboards retailer
          dolls, dollhouses and accessories
          go karts-toys
          go-karts and karting tracks
          model construction and hobby shops
          model makers
          playground equipment
          snowmobile clubs, resorts and centres
          toy manufacturers and wholesalers
          toy stores
          video game manufacturers and wholesalers
          video game stores
     Gifts and novelty
          fruit baskets
          gift baskets
          gift shops
          gift wrapping paper and service
          giftware manufacturers and wholesalers
          greeting card manufacturers and wholesalers
          greeting card stores
          novelty manufacturers and wholesalers
          novelty stores
          picture retailers
          variety stores
     Party supplies and services
          christening items retailer
          convention and party decorators retailer
          party supplies
          party supplies retailer
     Shopping services and supplies
          catalogue and online shopping
          consumer protection services
          mail order services
          online shopping and catalogs and auction
          shopping carts and baskets
          shopping mall management and leasing
     General Stores
          commercial centres
          consignment shops
          department stores
          distribution centres
          fair trade products
          general rental service
          magazine vendors
          magnifying glasses
          microscopes retailer
          newspaper vendors
          shopping arcades
          shopping centres and malls
          shopping malls
     Tobacco products
          cigar, cigarette and tobacco manufacturers
          cigar, cigarette and tobacco stores
          cigar, cigarette and tobacco wholesalers
          cigarettes and cigars
          smoke shops
          smokers' article manufacturers and wholesalers
          tobacco retailer and wholesalers
Sports And Recreation
     Associations and clubs
          athletic clubs and organisations
          recreation and activity consultants
          recreation organisations and centres
          sport associations
          sport clubs
          yacht and sailing clubs
          bicycle accessories
          bicycle manufacturers and wholesalers
          bicycle rental
          bicycle stores
          bicycles and mopeds
     Boats and water sports
          big game fishing
          boat builders, wholesalers and designers
          boat covers, upholstery and tops
          boat dealers
          boat house equipment
          boat house services
          boat manufacturer
          boat rental
          boat repair and maintenance
          boat towing
          boat transport
          canoe trip outfitters
          deep sea fishing
          diving lessons and equipment
          fishery consultants
          fishing and hunting outfitters
          fishing bait
          fishing parties
          fishing supplies
          kayaks and canoes
          marine equipment and supplies
          outboard motors
          public swimming pools
          snorkelling equipment and supplies
          surf shops
          swimming lessons
          swimwear and swimming accessory manufacturers and wholesalers
          swimwear stores
          underwater excursion
          water ski equipment and supplies
          watercraft dealers
          windsurfing and kitesurfing
          bowling alley
          bowling alley equipment and supplies
          bowling alley refinishing and repair
          bowling clothing and accessories
          bowling lessons
          camping equipment
          camping equipment manufacturers and wholesalers
          tent rental
     Outdoor games and activities
          adventure and activities
          billiard tables clubs
          bingo halls
          bridge clubs
          curling clubs
          darts and dartboards
          games and supplies
          go karts
          hobby and model supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          hot-air balloons
          laser tag
          pool halls
          golf cars and carts
          golf course builders, architects and designers
          golf course equipment and supplies
          golf equipment and supply manufacturers and wholesalers
          golf equipment repair
          golf lessons
          golf practice ranges
          golf stores
          golf tournament and tour organisers
          indoor golf
          private golf courses
     Hunting and guns
          arms and ammunitions
          coats of arms
          fishing and hunting
          guns and gunsmiths
          shooting ranges
          trapping equipment and supplies
     Individual sports
          curling rinks and lessons
          dance lessons
          Curling tracks and lessons
          skydiving lessons
          martial arts courses and schools
          rock climbing
          self-defense and martial arts equipment
          parachuting lessons
     Parks and recreation centres
          arenas, stadiums and athletic fields
          bird parks
          hay rides
          hiking trails
          horseback rides
          nature and wildlife parks
          nature centres
          outdoor recreation centres
          picnic grounds
          recreation centres
          recreation facility designers
          water slides and water parks
     Racquet sports
          private tennis courts
          public tennis courts
          racquetball courts
          squash courts
          tennis clubs and lessons
          tennis rackets and equipment
     Sporting goods
          air sports
          archery and crossbows
          curling equipment and supplies
          race track equipment and supplies
          riding apparel and equipment
          saddles, harness and horse furnishing
          skydiving equipment
          sporting goods manufacturers and wholesalers
          sporting goods repair
          sporting goods stores
          sports cards and memorabilia
          sportswear manufacturers and wholesalers
          sportswear stores
     Sports services
          boxing training and lessons
          sports consultants
          sports medicine
          sports tour organisation and promotion
     Stadiums and sporting facilities
          curling and rinks
          dance clubs and ballrooms
          gymnastics lessons and clubs
          horse riding centres
          outdoor and indoor court construction
          race tracks
          riding academies
     Team sports
          baseball batting cages and ranges
          baseball clubs and lessons
          basketball clubs and lessons
          handball clubs and lessons
          rugby clubs and lessons
          soccer clubs and lessons
     Aircrafts and airports
          air cargo services
          air charter and private jet rental
          air tickets
          aircraft dealers and distributors
          aircraft design and manufacturers
          aircraft engines
          aircraft maintenance, service and storage
          aircraft parts and avionics
          airport equipment and supplies