You can easily claim your business page by searching our business directory.

If you business is listed on Yellow pages then there are two options;

  1. Clicking on the button ‘Claim Your Business’ that takes you to the claim process, OR
  2. If you do not find the option to claim your page then;
    1. it may have recently been submitted and is pending approval, OR
    2. it may have already been claimed by someone else, in which case you can contact our customer service centre.

If you do not find your business listed then you can add it by creating a business account and submitting the details of your business.


Claim Your Business Procedure

Claiming your business is a simple step-by-step process with helpful tips to help you complete the form should you need it (click on the question marks).

To help you get started we will take you through the process, so you know what information you need to have to hand.

First Step:

The first section will ask for your name as the account administrator, your address, email and contact phone numbers. All the information needs to be entered correctly before you can proceed to the next section, for example when you try to advance to the next step of the sign-up process you may find that one or more fields are highlighted in red. This means there is either information missing or an error, for example, a phone number may be missing a digit (landline numbers should be 7 digits and mobile numbers 8 digits).

Second  Step:

This section is to enter the Company Name and the Trade Name if this differs from the company name. You are also required to enter your position in the company, the type of company (i.e. sole trader), and the BRN (compulsory) and VAT number (if applicable). Locations and address are the final information before you can proceed.

Third Step:

On the last section you get to choose what which Business Page Plan you want to sign up for. Your options include the free Classic Listing or subscription  to one of the paid plans: Classic+ (for professionals), Premium and Cyber. You can click to open a table comparing the features for each plan with valuable branding, admin and sales tools. You can also view a business page sample of each of the’s plan to help make the decision easier.

Depending on which plan you choose you must then select the Main, Sub and Child categories for your business. You have more Sub and Child categories to list when selecting paid plans. These are important so your business to be found when customers search our Business Listing. You can also upload your logo at this stage, if you do not currently have one then you can upload later from your dashboard.

The final step is to choose your payment method from the options available, and complete the payment process.

You can access your Account immediately, however, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Once the payment has been processed the full dashboard menu will be activated, and you can enter business information and upload graphics as per your Yellow Pages Business Plan, or you can make amendments.

You should note that your Business Page will not be active until the information has been verified by our editorial team and your payment has been processed.

Take Note;

Do not miss out on innovative communication, marketing and sales tools for your business - Claim your Mauritius Yellow Pages Business Page today!