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  • Mauritius
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  • Finance
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  • Employment is a portal website available in English and French providing information articles about finance in Mauritius and Rodrigues for a local and international audience. On the homepage you can access the latest weather information, foreign exchange rates, and listings for local businesses.

The site offers a comprehensive guide to the world of business and finance in Mauritius with a range of related information that will help anyone wishing to do business in Mauritius. Some of the subjects covered on the site include information about: the banking sector, including commercial and private banking; the legal sector including regulatory bodies; postal services; accounting services; transportation, including airport and seaport facilities; tertiary education; the political system; insurance, including the legal framework; and taxation, including what is exempt income, investment allowances and the taxation of foreign companies.

This portal is part of the expanding MYP network and is open to advertisers wishing to reach a large local and international audience. The site is continually updated so check back often for the latest finance information.

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