Sustainability And Business

Recent findings reveal that 78% of global consumers prioritise sustainability and aim to integrate it into their lifestyles, with 63% already taking steps, such as adopting greener purchasing habits, to align with this goal.

Since being acknowledged at the Earth Summit in 1992, the importance of sustainability in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) has been emphasised, with Mauritius subsequently taking actions to enhance its sustainability practices.

Today the concept of sustainability is undeniably a widely discussed topic globally, deemed essential for businesses and individuals alike to be more environmentally conscious and for the preservation of cultures. However, sustainability should not only be a mainstream term, but woven into our everyday lives and deeply embedded within the culture of organisations.

In fact, wholesalers and retailers hold the power to drive change by prioritising eco-friendly practices in their operations. This includes opting for sustainable packaging, sourcing products from ethical suppliers, and implementing efficient waste management systems to name a few. As more customers are valuing sustainable development and initiatives, it is crucial for businesses to align with their customers’ values.

Yellow is Green

Yellow Pages has allocated a dedicated space to promote sustainability in Mauritius and among the MYP Network Partners, aiming to assist businesses in adopting sustainable practices.

Transitioning Yellow Pages from a physical book to an online platform is a prime example of sustainability, leveraging technology to reduce carbon footprint. For businesses committed to sustainability, the platform enhances their marketing reach by connecting them with consumers actively seeking eco-friendly products and services. Additionally, it helps these businesses stand out by increasing their brand visibility and facilitates collaborations through cross-marketing initiatives. Ultimately, Yellow Pages Mauritius drives positive change towards a greener future in Mauritius by bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations.

Moreover, it is important to encourage entrepreneurs such as in the MYP Network Partners to take a proactive stance in promoting environmentally and health-conscious practices, nurturing social empowerment initiatives and endorsing locally sourced products.

Moreover, these sustainability efforts have been introduced as badges within the local ecommerce Yellow Markets, offering recognition to businesses practising these principles. Consequently, Yellow Pages is considering adopting a similar policy for sustainability badges to businesses listed on the online directory.

Additionally, the service sector, including hotels, restaurants, and hospitality establishments, is increasingly prioritising sustainable initiatives to minimise ecological impact. Such effort is prominent in tour operators as Lolotte Rental and Tours, a local tourism pioneer, through Holidays IO and the Rainbow IO promoting sustainable tourism, from accommodation to activities and partnerships with local and responsible suppliers.


Overall, businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts by prioritising local production, supporting nearby suppliers, and fostering business-to-business (B2B) collaborations. By sourcing materials and products locally, they can minimise transportation emissions and contribute to the growth of local economies. Additionally, by collaborating with other businesses, they can share best practices and develop eco-friendly solutions that benefit the entire supply chain. 

These initiatives not only promote environmental responsibility but also strengthen relationships within the business community, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future, setting the pace for generations to come.

In The Future

Yellow Pages are teaming up with The MYP Network Partners in support of A Sustainable Mauritius project.

If you are interested in hearing about or want to support the initiative; please do not hesitate to contact us.

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