General Guidelines for Listing your Business

  1. The information that you provide for your business listing should be accurate and in lower case. Other restrictions apply;
    1. Numbers and Abbreviations are not allowed in the Company name field, unless they are part of the official registered name of the company,
    2. Your business name should not include taglines, only the exact wording as on your company registration certificate,
    3. Do not include URLs in the description field (e.g.
    4. Words like 'best', “No 1 in Mauritius”, 'leading', 'cheapest', 'greatest' or any other exaggerated adjective are subjective, and not allowed.
  2. Professionals (Doctors, lawyers, high ranked civil officers), who are the sole trader using their name; should enter their name as the company name. Their professional title is to be identified under trade categories i.e.  Main Category: Health and Medicine, Sub-Category: Physicians and Surgeons, Sub-Sub Category: Doctors - Cardiology.
  3. Business Registration number (BRN) is mandatory for listing on MYP and all individuals and companies must obtain a BRN before they conduct any business, according to Mauritian Law. In case a BRN is not available, kindly contact our Customer Service Centre for guidance on how to obtain one.
  4. All the information in fields listed with an asterisk are compulsory, therefore must be filled in for your application to be accepted.
  5. Each listing may advertise one business only. If your business has branches, then you may want to opt for a Premium+ account. A nominal fee per year is applied for each branch (refer to prices).
    NB. You cannot advertise several businesses in a single listing that does not have the Branch Option.
  6. In case you have several phone numbers, enter your primary phone number in the first field and then you click on the plus (+) sign to add additional phone numbers.
  7. By entering the business administrator details, you certify that you are authorised to represent the business. If you are an employee it is important to note that the account belongs to the business and when leaving the employment, you are required to hand over the login details and request the new administrator to enter their details and change the password.
  8. When website links are entered in a listing, if after verification we deem the website to contain illegal and objectionable material, MYP will reserve the right at its sole discretion to remove the URL or cancel the listing. Such submissions are not entitled to any refund.