Online Marketplace in Support of Local Commerce

Consumer Benefits


From a consumer’s perspective YellowMarket offers an easy way to search for the service, product and brand you are looking for from a local business, with the option to make contact through YellowMail, request a quotation, place an order, make a payment and track the order all from the comfort of home.

YellowMarket is a FREE service for every Yellow Pages Member.

In today’s retail sector, a large number of online marketplaces dominate global commerce, while there are others in niche markets also finding success. Those in a specialised area (vertical or niche market), like Airbnb, have a limited or single product or service, but have greater depth and knowledge of it, whereas global marketplaces (horizontal) such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba offer a vast cross-section of products through a large number of suppliers. Their prices are usually competitive, but the cost of delivery can be excessive over long distances, with lengthy delivery times, and the after sales service can be frustrating and complicated, especially when there is a language barrier. There are also local online marketplaces (horizontal) that are competing with the global operators, which may offer a limited cross section of products, but provide faster delivery and an aftersales service that should be hassle free.

As a local business directory and business search tool, it is a natural strategy for us to support local commerce. The Yellow Pages already offers an advanced search feature that enables consumers to search for and find businesses within their community, region or island-wide, based on the services, products and brands they offer. The advanced search results are based on the businesses’ catalogue and brand list entered on their YP business page. However, we believed that it was important to innovate further to support local commerce, and have introduced the concept of the YellowMarket - Your Local Online Marketplace.  This service enables consumers and businesses to communicate via YellowMail, request a quotation via the advanced search page, and place and track an order for a product or service. We aim to develop this service much further, including offering businesses the ability to process payments online through YP. The Mauritius Yellow Pages have introduced this service because we want to create an accessible online marketplace, so it is easy and cost effective for local businesses and consumers to shop locally.

Our mission is to provide the best quality online marketplace environment, providing great offers and happy customers, while supporting the local business community.

We will update this page as the development of YellowMarket progresses.

Business Benefits


From a suppliers perspective our online marketplace creates another sales channel. We do not charge a commission, our terms and conditions are simple, and few human resources are required to maintain your business page. It will have a positive impact on your brand and revenue with very little cost.

YellowMarket will be a feature of the Yellow Pages paid business page plans at no additional cost. When a business opts for a YP payment solution the traditional merchant processing fees will be applied.

Of course for your business to obtain the maximum benefits you should select the business page plan with the most features.

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