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Everyone is aware that the World Wide Web (WWW) is a competitive marketplace. However, not everyone knows that having the right content on your Yellow Pages listing will not only help your visibility and the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your own website, it will also help you in your endeavours to get a competitive edge, and stand out from your competitors.

We are ready to work with you, to ensure that the content of your business listing represents your business effectively and becomes a valuable online marketing tool. We will guide you to select the right categories, keywords, phrases, features and utilise the multimedia functionality. This will increase your online brand visibility, support your SEO and therefore the indexing on search engines, optimising your position on the various search engines and search results.


With a FREE Business Listing (Classic) you:

  1. Increase your online branding
  2. Gain more exposure for your business
  3. Potential customers can instantly contact you via:
    1. your contact details or,
    2. YellowMail.


Upgrade and benefit with more options and visibility

You can chose to upgrade your listing with additional features:

  1. Improved branding
  2. Visual branding includes:
    1. Cover photo
    2. Service gallery
    3. Video
  3. A more informative business listing
  4. Additional marketing tools i.e. QR codes
  5. Linking to your Website and Social media (Good SEO)
  6. Obtain additional branding through our Social Media channels
  7. You can sell and promote your products and services
  8. Dedicated advertisement, coupons, vacancies and more
  9. E-commerce Integration


Quick Overview

If you are still wondering about the importance of being listed in an online directory, please be aware that studies have shown that consumers trust local business listings more than any other kind of online referral.
Being listed in your local online business directory is a determining factor to both online and brick and mortar success, being listed on The Yellow Pages even more so.

We are continually developing and improving our services and in the pipeline is a mobile app.


 MYP Sales Representative

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