Business Reviews on Yellow Pages

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So what does that mean for your business? Online customer reviews are where customers provide their opinions regarding the products or services they have purchased. This is a form of review that is increasingly going to impact businesses, and business owners would do well not to ignore this form of feedback. Reviews should be considered a valuable tool; firstly as it provides information to service providers on areas of service failures as well as areas where the business is doing well. Secondly, businesses can use reviews as part of their branding and to interact with clients.

Today, 75% of all internet users are involved on social media sites where they discuss the quality of goods and services that they have purchased. At MYP, we value the information that these internet users can provide to your business. Therefore, we encourage consumers to use our portal to rate the businesses that are listed on our Online Directory Listing service. Through their reviews of your business, you will be able to gain an unprecedented insight into your performance that will allow you to improve your service delivery accordingly. This is why MYP allows users to give both positive and negative feedback of businesses which they have visited.

It is better that you, as a business, are aware of what your clients say about your services/products. Otherwise, they could express dissatisfaction behind your back, negatively influencing other consumers, and you will not understand why there is a slowdown in your business and you cannot act to remedy the situation.

Just as you want the public to know of the great services you provide; you will want to show that you also know how to deal with someone that is not satisfied. They may even return to say this in the review: "They made it right!"

As the business owner, MYP gives you the right to manage your listing, but you cannot manage customer reviews. MYP will do its best to monitor reviews but we cannot guarantee that each and every single review will be examined. Should you feel that a review is abusive or otherwise overstepping the "General Terms of Use" or can be considered bad behaviour; kindly report this to MYP's Customer Service Centre.