MYP - Corporate Social Responsibility

MYP is a leading company for online businesses that operate in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The company specialises in local business listings and MYP’s content is available through the internet, directory assistance and later in 2018 through mobile app services. With unique and quality-assured content in addition to an unparalleled user experience MYP encourages local discoveries and helps local communities to thrive.

MYP and its products and services are well-known brands and we create added-value for a vast number of users on a daily basis. is an MYP site with the largest number of unique visitors and is placed in first and/or second position on search engines in Mauritius and internationally.

We aim to widen our reach regionally and to use this dominant position to help the start-up and entrepreneur community, and in particular women, through our SEED hub program, franchising opportunities, co-working space and facilitate seed funds and investment in growth.


SEED - Mauritius Enterprises


MYP want to support entrepreneurs to realise their business goals. We provide tailored packages of services including Web Development, Online, Mobile and Traditional Marketing, ICT Services and Consulting that will help your business function effectively.

MYP plans to provide co-working space in an entrepreneurial environment where you can benefit from our expertise first hand! We also offer recommendations for professional service providers such as accounting and insurance that we have vetted and approved. We also provide a platform to facilitate the connection of investors and entrepreneurs.

When you are seeking funds for your business we can help you connect with a potential investor. These are just a few of the reasons that MYP is the right partner to help your business succeed.

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Franchise Opportunities


Franchising is a business structure where a franchisor (MYP) grants franchisees (you) the right to operate a business under a franchise agreement in return for on-going fees.

MYP have already launched a number of successful franchises over the past few years that have benefited from our franchise support and services to create fully operational active businesses. When you become a franchisee with MYP you benefit from being part of the only online franchise directory in Mauritius and benefit from a range of opportunities and rewards including a free social media announcement and a Premium+ business listing giving you an enhanced online presence.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to become part of the MYP franchise network and create a successful business.

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Business Women 2.0


MYP have made it their mission to support female entrepreneurs start their own businesses, whether they are looking for more flexibility or feel they are not making progress in their career.

MYP can provide support and guidance to start and build a business with our packages tailored to entrepreneurs, so that it is not necessary to know everything about how to run a business or have the technical skills to build a website or carry out social media marketing for example.

We believe that women have valuable skills for managing successful online businesses, but may lack the opportunity, or are held back by a fear of failure or lack of support, but now MYP can offer that much needed assistance.


Venture Capital

If you are a Venture capitalist looking to invest in companies that wish to expand we can facilitate connections with entrepreneurs/start-ups that we have vetted and deemed ready to seek financing.

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